..... is Great Customer Service
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Mission Statement

GCS Provides construction supplies, equipment, tool service and specialty items to select contractors and institutions in the Chicago Area. Our company exists to offer top quality goods, services and problem solving solutions to benefit our customers. We achieve our mission by living our values.

Key Results

Raving, loyal customers, suppliers and employees

GCS Values

  • Commitment

    • 1) Commit to only what we can deliver, deliver on our commitments.
    • 2) Make our customers problems our own.
    • 3) Treat everyone with dignity and respect.

  • Attitude

    • 1) Exhibit a positive, can-do attitutde at all times.
    • 2) Win - Win. Approach all situations as an opportunity for mutual benefit.
    • 3) Do business with people in ways that are consistent with our values.
    • 4) Be responsible for our own actions.

  • No-Nonsense

    • 1) Go the extra mile in everything we do.
    • 2) Do the "right thing"... by being fair, honest, and ethical.
    • 3) Superior customer service is "just a good beginning".

  • Diligent

    • 1) Look for new products and ways to do things that help our customers.
    • 2) Take personal pride in the results we produce for our customers.
    • 3) Be creative and flexible to meet our customer's changing needs.
    • 4) Combine our individual strengths to achieve greater results.

  • Organized

    • 1) Manage our resources efficiently to maximize our value to customers.
    • 2) Deliver our products and services right, the first time.
    • 3) Utilize best practice.